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Lorenzo Seneci

The Snakeman’s Lair- with Isa Betancourt

It’s been a long time, but The Snakeman’s Lair is back with a vengeance! The reason I took such a long hiatus was the drastic change I had in mind: from now on, the Lair is going full video. That’s right: tune in every week to attend an interview with great guests from the world of natural sciences and science communication, all for free on my YouTube and Happs channels. The first live episode of the new Snakeman’s Lair aired yesterday, with entomologist and science communicator Isa Betancourt joining me from the US to talk about her work with crawly critters both in the field and in museum collections. We covered everything from her childhood years spent searching for caterpillars in local gardens to the moment she witnessed a gigantic beetle take flight like a helicopter in Borneo, all the way to how a natural history museum operates behind the scenes and busting myths on the infamous brown recluse spider. Plus, Isa treated us by showing off her very own goliath beetle mount and one of her pet tarantulas!

The full interview is available on my YouTube channel, which you are all invited to subscribe to! However, the platform I will be using to schedule and air broadcasts is Happs, a free space originally intended for journalists that is rapidly expanding to include science communication as well. Isa herself runs her weekly bug-themed segment, the BugScope, on there (link to her profile: and it was she who recommended me to move on Happs too. So far, I’m loving it! I would greatly appreciate it if you subscribed to my Happs too- all you have to do is click the link below. That’s it for now- The Snakeman’s Lair will be back next Thursday with fellow Italian herpetologist Ignazio Avella delving into the more familiar universe of snake venom. See you then!



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